Optimize & Secure

Every day it gets easier to buy and install your own technology services and hardware. Here’s why you don’t want to do that:

Differentiating the value between technologies has become more complex.

The least expensive items have a large potential cost in low performance and opening your network to security risks.

Virus protection software has become virtually useless against Hackers.

Your network is more complicated than you think. The addition of even a small peripheral can compromise the performance and security of your entire network.

Keeping up with your technology options and the value and reliability of those options is a full-time job.

Fast recovery in case of technology outage of any kind requires forethought and advanced planning.

Lattis is your strategic technology partner.

It has become impossible for a single person to keep up with all of the advances and challenges connected to every aspect of the technology that supports your business. Not only is our team constantly evaluating all of the available options for every aspect of your technology needs, we’re also strategically right sizing our recommendations to you based on the actual needs of your business. We communicate your options clearly so that you are able to make informed decisions. With Lattis you will always know that the systems and hardware your business relies upon have been tested and are smart, reliable and protected by the most dedicated team on the Central Coast. The services and technology solutions we offer change with the needs of the businesses we support. Here is a quick snapshot of what we are doing now…


Intelligent right-sized technology design and installation

Flexible and secure managed services

The threat protection your business needs

Game changing video conferencing solutions

Easy to understand tech updates and recommendations to support decision making.


Networking Hardware

WiFi enhancement technology

Cloud-based and on-premise telephony

Audio and Video conferencing systems

Desktop, servers, backup devices and peripherals

Lattis is proud of its reputation for recommending the right equipment for the right challenge. In service to that end, we have established long standing partner relationships with brands like:

Lattis takes the welfare of your team as important as we take the welfare of our own. Here is our 2021 Covid Policy.


Every one of our management team is vaccinated. We have decided as a team that it is critical that our management team be able to move in all circles of our client environments without adding the risk of carrying infection into those environment.


Our team maintains a six-foot distance and is still adhering to the mask policy until the client we are working with indicates that is not necessary.

Covid Testing

If any member of our team has been exposed to Covid, we require them to provide a negative Covid test (which Lattis will pay for) before returning to work and every week thereafter for three weeks.