Lattis Means Business

We changed the spelling to avoid confusion with trellises and pies

The name Lattis was inspired by an organic chemistry college class almost 30 years ago. Our owner was fascinated by the simple, functional elegance of a crystal’s chemical design, called a Lattice.

Lattis was founded in 1990 and has been dedicated from the start on that same concept of functional elegance. Our solutions and products yield consistently sustainable and reliable connections for your business that are as flexible as they are functional.

More importantly, we are business first, technology second. This means we prioritize the way your business works and design solutions to support you in that. And, because business is our first priority, we have gained some very deep knowledge in some pretty key industries.


Integration with your proprietary technology


Optimizing the value of every build


From operations to customer experience


Maintaining your competitive edge

Securely designed, right-sized solutions to strategically protect your critical connections.

When you’re ready to protect your connection with your team, to your critical information, to your clients and to the world… call Lattis. We’ll keep you connected.


Lattis launches, supporting business with centrally connected telephony, networks and data storage.


Lattis expands business support to software installation and the management of integrated network connections. 


Business explosion onto the internet leads Lattis to expand into the support of overall business intelligence and data management into virtual, digital space, transitioning Lattis into strategic advisement


Lattis begins supporting an increasingly cloud supported business environment, as telephony, meeting and collaboration tools move online. Installation of Wifi core business.


Dramatic increase in online content and improvements in streaming and business access to bandwidth allows Lattis to begin offering real time systems monitoring and trouble shooting. Lattis strategic advisement expands into near real-time status.


Increasingly mobile and distributed workforce propels Lattis into the innovation space, solving for remote bandwidth challenges, video conferencing solutions and security risk management.


2020 global pandemic accelerates business need to support distributed workforce and as the workforce becomes distributed, Lattis is increasingly supporting the seamless connection and securing of those connections against opportunistic cyber-criminals

Lattis takes the welfare of your team as important as we take the welfare of our own. Here is our 2021 Covid Policy.


Every one of our management team is vaccinated. We have decided as a team that it is critical that our management team be able to move in all circles of our client environments without adding the risk of carrying infection into those environment.


Our team maintains a six-foot distance and is still adhering to the mask policy until the client we are working with indicates that is not necessary.

Covid Testing

If any member of our team has been exposed to Covid, we require them to provide a negative Covid test (which Lattis will pay for) before returning to work and every week thereafter for three weeks.