The Lattis name has become synonymous with strong, sustainable network connectivity. We design and build networks of all sizes that ensure that our clients stay reliably connected and experience the best connection speeds and quality available them them.


Lattis tests and maps your network coverage so that you have a clear picture of where your coverage is strongest and where it is weakest so that you can decide what’s worth doing to maximize efficiency.


You need your network, no matter how small, to be built with scalability in mind. As you grow your business, you should not have to completely redo your network…you should be able to update it according to your need.


As your business becomes increasingly dependent on your digital connection, you can’t afford to plan for everything to go well. Lattis designs failover systems into networks considered by the business as crucial to the running of the business.


We devise strategic solutions for everything from stubbornly resistant locations with weak areas for your WiFi to entire locations that have never had adequate service. You don’t have to just deal with what you’ve got…there is always a solution.

Lattis takes the welfare of your team as important as we take the welfare of our own. Here is our 2021 Covid Policy.


Every one of our management team is vaccinated. We have decided as a team that it is critical that our management team be able to move in all circles of our client environments without adding the risk of carrying infection into those environment.


Our team maintains a six-foot distance and is still adhering to the mask policy until the client we are working with indicates that is not necessary.

Covid Testing

If any member of our team has been exposed to Covid, we require them to provide a negative Covid test (which Lattis will pay for) before returning to work and every week thereafter for three weeks.