Managed Services

Our “business first, technology second” strategy is definitely key to our success offering the best managed services in the region.


Our monitoring is real time and state of the art. Our alerts are set to notify us before something goes wrong so that we can prevent it from happening.

Remote Management

Our focus on minimizing business disruption has led us to implement secured connections with our clients so that we can fix most issues without making you wait for someone to come on sight and interrupt your business.

System Administration

Life of your hardware, license renewals on your software, documentation of your network…you have enough administrivia to deal with in the running of your business. Let us take care of keeping your system administration up to date.


Lattis has developed modular client dashboards that we deliver on a monthly basis so that you are never wondering about the most important aspects of the health of your network and systems.

We have more in the queue right now as businesses are finding out the value in a well-designed audio and video solution.

Lattis takes the welfare of your team as important as we take the welfare of our own. Here is our 2021 Covid Policy.


Every one of our management team is vaccinated. We have decided as a team that it is critical that our management team be able to move in all circles of our client environments without adding the risk of carrying infection into those environment.


Our team maintains a six-foot distance and is still adhering to the mask policy until the client we are working with indicates that is not necessary.

Covid Testing

If any member of our team has been exposed to Covid, we require them to provide a negative Covid test (which Lattis will pay for) before returning to work and every week thereafter for three weeks.